Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can We Start Dating Now?

Hi All! It’s been quite awhile and I’m so glad to see you haven’t left yet! Just wanted to stop by real quick and let you know that I’m alive and well!!! Vacation sans our kiddos was AWESOME!!!! And I have something to tell you!!!


After 8 1/2 years of being together, Jeff and I FINALLY got hitched!!! It was a last minute thing! LOL!!! After it was all over, here’s a funny conversation we had:

Me: It seems that we’re doing things backwards, doesn’t it?
Jeff: What do you mean?
Me: Well, first we have kids, then we buy a house, and now we get married.
Jeff: True. So, I guess this means we can start dating.

He cracks me up! Anyway, we had a great time in California and Vegas. When we got home to Texas, I had to leave the next day to go to Kansas to pick my kids up. Then I went to Nebraska for a couple of days to see family. After we got back, the following weekend was Father’s Day where we went south to Corpus Christi. So, needless to say, I’ve been BUSY!!! I wish I was done traveling for the summer though! We get to go back to Nebraska for a wedding next month.

However, with summer being here, I have to work double as hard to keep both kids entertained, so I’ll probably only be popping in here and there throughout the summer. But, when school starts, I’m hoping to get London into Headstart. If that’s possible, then during the school year, I can focus on a lot, including my blog! Can I get a Woo Woo!!!!

Well, I hope your summer is starting out as great as mine has and I’ll talk to you soon!!!!