Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nifty Thrifty: Greatest Antique Deal of the Century!!!

Jeff and I went to a garage sale today and got the greatest deal on this:

Antique Wardrobe Trunk 001
Antique Wardrobe Steamer Trunk

Before I tell you the best part, let me say that I watched an episode of American Pickers where they bought one and valued theirs at $800-$900. Of course theirs was in much better condition. Nonetheless, I never thought in a million years I’d find one at a garage sale.

Antique Wardrobe Trunk 002

I love, Love, LOVE this trunk! Do you see how that top part folds down to reveal two small drawers and a little compartment? Smitten right here. All. The. Way!!! In fact, I love it so much that Jeff actually went and rented a van from Enterprise so that we could tote it home. Yeah, our trunk is way to small and there was no way we could take it apart. But, it made me love Jeff even more! HA!

I’m not an appraiser by any means, but if I were to sell this, I bet I could get anywhere from $200-$400 in the condition it’s in right now. Not that I want to, because, you know. It’s just that cool!

Eager to know how much we paid for this?


She was asking $25, but all we had was a $20 so she took that with no hesitation. At first I thought she said $45 (which I would’ve gladly pay for that if I had it). Didn’t I tell you it was the deal of the century? Okay, I’m off to clean her up a bit and find a place to put her! *Sigh* I’m walking on sunshine today!!! Hope you had a great weekend like I did!

P.S. The troop and I will be going on a much needed two week vacation in a couple of weeks. If I don’t post anything until then, I’ll be back in June!

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