Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nifty Thrifty: Furniture Edition

As I went garage selling today, I didn’t really find anything for resell purposes, but I did get some old furniture stuff to redo. I just wish I had a truck to buy the bigger stuff. Anyway, here’s what I have found the last couple of weeks (the stuff that I’ve been meaning to show you).

P.S. I’m currently storing my pieces in the garage, so please don’t mind the messy floors!

Bedside Table Here’s a bedside table I bought for $3. I’m going to paint it, add a new drawer pull, and possibly add some fabric or paper on the top/in the back of the shelf part. This will go into London’s room.

Bird Cage Although this isn’t furniture, I still wanted to show it to you. I bought this birdcage for $4. I know it’s a little pricier than I would liked to have paid, but it is in really good condition. I already spray-painted this ivory. I just need to make a nest, add a bird or two, a ribbon on top, and it’ll be a nice statement piece for some Spring décor.

Bookcase I bought this bookcase for $1. The lady told me it had a “convertible” top! LOL! An easy fix though, some wood glue and nails…and viola! Good as new! The bottom part came off too, but again, an easy fix. I’m planning on painting this white and putting it in London’s room. Of course, if my restoration process fails me, I can always make some signs or use it for scrap wood.

Coffee Table How cool is this little coffee table? Again, $3 for it. I love the design on it. I’m thinking of making a bench out of it. It’s pretty sturdy.

Kitchen Shelf I’m not sure if this qualifies as furniture, but it’s a small shelf that hangs on the wall. It was already this cream color (although it looks white, it really isn’t) which is perfect for my kitchen. It just needs to be cleaned up a bit.

Mirror I bought this mirror for $3. It’s a decent size. I haven’t decided where it’s going to go, but I was thinking of adding some wood décor to the top and then painting it. This will either go into my room or London’s room. If it goes into London’s room, it will be in her closet, cause you know, she has a walk-in, and she’s spoiled!

Pachinko Game Jeff bought this vintage Pachinko game at a church yard sale for $15. It really does work and came with a few balls. Depending on how much it costs to restore, we may sell it. If we’d break even, we’ll keep it. If that’s the case, this baby is getting a new paint job (where the wood is) and going in the game room. I’m hoping we’ll break even!

Shelf Here’s a little shelf I bought at a flea market awhile back. I believe I paid a buck or two, but don’t quote me on that. (I hope that’s all I paid!) It’s not very tall, but after it gets its paint job, I will, either put this in my craft room, my living room, or my sitting room.

Towel Rack 001Towel Rack 002 Look at this little towel rack. I think it’s so cute. I bought this awhile ago too, but I honestly can’t remember how much I paid for it. I’m thinking $3, but I really don’t remember. I absolutely love the scrolliness! It’s just to adorable. This will either go in the downstairs bathroom or I may use it in my craft room to store fabric. Still not sure.

Well, that’s all of the “new” furniture I have…so far! I’m loving it and so glad I have some challenging projects in front of me!

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  1. What a find with your bird cage. Did you see where you can make hanging lights with them? Just add a light kit through the top... and that coffee table! The detail work is gorgeous. I love the prices you pay.

  2. Bird cages are spendy so I don't think four dollars is bad at all.