Monday, April 11, 2011

McSpadden Dulcimer

I know I said I was going to post some recent finds, but I still haven’t been able to take pictures. But, I have something more interesting to tell you anyway.

Do you know what a dulcimer is? Before last Sunday, I didn’t know what it was either. According to wikipedia, a dulcimer is:

“The Appalachian dulcimer (or mountain dulcimer) is a fretted string instrument of the zither family, typically with three or four strings. It is native to the Appalachian region of the United States. The body extends the length of the fingerboard, and its fretting is generally diatonic.”

When we went to a garage sale last Sunday, we bought one for $40. Apparently, Jeff had a “gut” feeling about it. For forty bucks, his gut better have been right! I listed this on eBay starting at $39.95.

Dulcimar 001

When the auction ended last night, it sold for $325!!!

Now, if only we could find more great deals like this!


  1. Wow - beautiful instrument and fabulous return!!

  2. What a lucky find. Wise to follow those gut instincts!