Monday, March 7, 2011

Nifty Thrifty: Garage & Estate Sale Finds

Hi and welcome to the new Nifty Thrifty! I decided that my Nifty Thrifty’s will be on Mondays and Fridays. Mondays I will showcase my finds from garage and estate sales I’ve been to during the weekend. Nifty Thrifty Fridays will feature my finds from Thrift Stores I’ve been to throughout the week.

Before I show you my finds, I have to tell you how much fun it is to go garage selling with Jeff. I guess it never occurred to me that he liked to go to yard sales until we went a few weeks ago. He also has a pretty good eye for finding valuable things. Huh. Who knew? I’m just glad I have a great partner to go thrifting with. I just never knew we lived under the same house!

Let’s get started with this last weekend. It’s funny that I start this now since I didn’t go on Saturday. It was windy and a little cold in the morning and I didn’t want to drag Taevyn out since he’s been battling a cough. Yesterday, however, we went to our first estate sale that was actually inside a house. A few weeks ago, we went to one that had everything outside. Everything was a little to pricey for my blood. Like the Raggedy Anne Doll they wanted $25 for. It would’ve been fine except for the fact it was made in China. Okay, so on to the finds for this week.

Armitron Watch - 2.50
The first place we went to was the Estate sale. I found this watch made by Armitron which I paid $2.50. What drew me to it was the face. It says “United States of America” on the top, underneath that looks like a bar code, then the words “In God We Trust”. Then it has the symbol you’d find in the back of a $20 bill. On the bottom it says “Twenty”. I just thought this was a neat watch. I checked on eBay to how well this watch would sell. Armitron seems to sell okay, but I didn’t see a watch like this one. I guess we’ll find out when I list it.

Austrian-Hungarian Medals - 20
Jeff found these medals and paid $20. All we know is that they are Austrian-Hungarian medals. Some of them have a silhouette of D. Kaiser. I’m still researching these. Jeff seems to think they are silver, I think they are made of some aluminum alloy. I guess we’ll find out who wins the bet tomorrow when he takes them to a coin shop. (I think he’s wishing he didn’t buy them now! HA!)

Desktop Train Set - 5
Jeff found this desktop locomotive train set. He paid $5. Personally, I would’ve saved my five bucks for something a little more interesting. While we were there, he was trying to find out where it was made. I wasn’t around at the time to help him look. When I got to the car, I asked him if he knew this was from Kohl’s. He said “Crap!” Yeah, it was made in China. Not that that’s a bad thing. He just thought it was made in the USA. For some reason, he thought maybe it was older, that’s all. If it doesn’t sell on eBay, we’ll just give it to Taevyn.

Vintage V-day Cards - 50c ea
I also found these vintage Valentine Cards. I have been looking for these for ages. Jeff has this crazy idea in his head that I should sell EVERYTHING we buy! Um…nooooo! Actually, I am going to sell these. Except for the torn one. I didn’t realize it was torn until I got home. I was so full of excitement when I found these, I didn’t inspect them well enough. I paid $0.50 for each of these.

Vintage V-day Card - 50c
Then there’s this one. I also paid $0.50 for this. It’s special because when I searched on eBay, this particular one sold last week for $24.49! I probably won’t get as much for it, but I will definitely list it!

Avon Charisma Cologne - 3 ea
I found these in a bathroom. They are Avon’s Charisma Cologne. I thought these were so adorable. I couldn’t pass them up for $3/each. I may keep one for my Master Bath, then sell the other one on eBay. I haven’t found this particular one anywhere on eBay, Etsy, or online in general. I just love the picture of the girl. Plus, look at the ornate detail to emulate a frame. Awesome!

Sewing Notions - 2
I also bought this bag full of sewing notions for $2. It has a bunch of neat things. See those big round metal things? Those are those “Cover Your Own Buttons”. Those will go great for some projects I have in mind. There is also some binding, needles, buttons and other things. Great deal for two bucks.

I also bought three canvas bags ($1/each), an 11x14 canvas (unopened, $1), and a crate of all three years to the Star Trek Magazine. Yes, I’m somewhat of a little Trekky. Don’t laugh…too hard! Jeff wants me to sell them. They really don’t sell. He wants me to at least sell the three issues that do sell separately. I don’t know what I’ll do with them yet.

Onto the garage sales:

Nashville Destroyers Jersey - 50c
ECKO Unltd Sweater - Free
The first garage sale we hit didn’t have much. However, we did find these. The first picture is a Darcy Hordichuk’s Nashville Predators Jersey. It sells around $45 on eBay. Pretty good for $0.50 I think. The second one is an ECKO Unltd Jacket. ECKO sells okay. But whatever we make off of it will be pure profit. Yeah, the lady gave it to us for free since we have to wash it ourselves. It was her offer, not ours. In fact, we told her we’d give her $0.50 for it, but she wouldn’t take it. I’m thinking she just wanted to get rid of it. There’s nothing really wrong with it, except for the fact it needs to be cleaned.

Charlie Cello - 5 set
Charlie Clarinet - 5 set
Paymaster X-550 - 3
Guillotine - 1
The next garage sale we went to, Jeff found this cool art set. The lady who sold it said a friend gave them to her and she doesn’t know where he got it. All she knows was her friend didn’t paint it. The only other thing we know is it has a name on it that says Charlie. We paid $5 for both. Wouldn’t they look neat in a New Orleans's-style jazz bar? She also sold me the Paymaster X-550 for $3. They don’t sell really well on eBay it looks like. I may save it for when I open my Etsy store this summer. Then I bought this guillotine for $1. I’ve been looking for one for a few years. It will be so much easier to cut multiple paper instead of using my paper cutter. (Which I still love and will continue to use.)

Buttons - 3
At the last garage sale, I found this huge bin of buttons. I paid $3 for the box. What a score. They also had a box of thread for $2, but somebody already bought it, darn it! I’m thinking this whole box weighs about 4 lbs. I might pick a few buttons out and sell the rest as a lot. A lot of buttons seem to go anywhere from under$5 to $35. Maybe I’ll sell smaller lots for around $5. I’m not sure yet.

Well, that was my Sunday. I had to make up for Saturday though. Overall, I think it was a great weekend. Thanks for looking!

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  1. The Valentine cards are the best!! How fun is it to be able to thrift it with your best man!!

  2. Great stuff! The valentines are my favorite and the Avon bottles. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Where in the world do you shop? How do you find these places?
    When can I come along?