Monday, January 3, 2011

A Few More Things About Me & A New Year’s Resolution & A Free Gift!

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and will have the most wonderful New Year! I wanted to share a few more things with you from my last post that I did forget to mention!

1.) I have an amazing immune system. I mean A-MA-ZING!!! Rarely do I get sick. Same with my kids! It’s awesome! However, in saying that, when we do get sick, it’s horrible! The week of Christmas all three of us got some kind of nasty bug! But, that was the first time I got sick in two years, that was the first time Taevyn got sick in three years, and it was the first time London has ever gotten sick! Luckily, Jeff was at work so much that week, he didn’t get it. Oh how I love my immune system. But yeah, I had to cancel my cookie party this year because of it though. There’s always next year though, right?

Pictures 002

2.) I am the most un-organized person around! Not only does it come naturally, it’s also a choice. Sort of. That’s because when I put things away, I can’t find anything. Then I pull everything out and it ends up looking like that above. Please note, my craft room does NOT look like this. Now, I have a table (temporarily, until I get my island built). Okay, so everything’s picked up off the floor too, but now it’s on my table. You’re probably wondering how I get things done, right? Well,

3.) That brings us to the last thing you should know about me! I’m the Queen of Procrastination! It takes me awhile to actually get things done. Now with all of this, I should explain that the rest of my house does NOT look like this. I try to keep it cleaned because a.) I have kids and b.) you never know who’ll pop over for a visit. Anyway, back to the procrastination, I just can’t seem to finish what I start. I’ll start working on one thing, my mind wonders and then I’ll start working on something else.

So, this brings me to my New Year’s Resolution. No it’s not to be more organized (I’ve come to terms with myself years ago that I will just be the unorganized person I am). It’s not really finish what I start (Lord knows I’ve tried), but it is to keep myself motivated. Whatever it takes, I MUST keep myself motivated to finish my projects. So with that, I have created a worksheet to help me focus more. And, I’m sharing it with you!

Project Worksheet

It’s a two page worksheet. You can print it on both sides of a sheet of paper, 3-hole punch it and put it in a binder! It’s that easy! I hope this comes in handy for you as I hope it will for me too!

For now I’ll leave you with this, so I hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll talk to you soon!

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  1. Wow. I am seriously impressed. I have to confess that something like that would totally demotivate me!! :)

  2. That is a great work sheet! I am a total list maker - as in I can see 3 lists from where I am sitting right now! awesome idea :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  3. My craft table is full too when I get everything off the ground =D
    I'd love if you came and linked up your goal here:

  4. She forgot to mention she's completely HONEST!!

    After sharing a locker in high school I can without a doubt vouch for numbers 2 & 3. :) She can lose her things and yours without batting a lash. It is a gift! Although I think it was T that always "lost" the Twizzlers. :)

    Glad you had a great Christmas! Hope all is good. I may have to drive down and reorganize that room for you! Hugs for the kiddos.

  5. Kim-

    What can I say? It's a gift! HAHAHA! Mmm...Twizzlers! LOL!

    Hope you had a great Christmas too and you are more than welcome to come down and organize my craft room!

  6. This made me laugh...its so much like me. My hubby insisted I have my own craft room because he can't stand my mess. What a great goal and project worksheet. I'm sure it will come in handy.
    p.s thanks for linking up to my challenge.

  7. Clever idea! I have a binder that I just throw everything in that I like. There's no rhyme or reason to's just things I like, or would want to make some day.