Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Interesting Things About Yours Truly!!!

I LOVE playing those bloggy games! Amy over at The Idea Room has a great one going on. She asks that you write a post about random things about yourself and then link your post to her blog! Yipee! How fun! So, after you enjoy reading these random facts about me, be sure to go to her post, read it, write one about yourself and then link up! It will be lots of fun!

I was born on August 15th...uh...sometime in the 70s! I still say that was the best day EVER to be born on! But, I'm sure many of you will disagree. Ahem.

My mama almost gave me up for adoption. We're both so glad she didn't though. (That's my uncle in the picture above. Not the ones who would've adopted me.) I would've missed out on the wonderful family I did get to grow up with.

I'm the oldest of six sisters. That's right! No brothers in the bunch! My mom has 4 daughters (including me) and my biological father has 4 daughters (including me, but I don't really know those three to well.) I also have an uncle who is 16 years younger than me. Yep! You read that right!

Growing up, my mama didn't really know how to take care of my hair.
Afterall, it's the tight-curl-nappiness kind of hair. For that reason I despise curly and short hair.

So I ALWAYS wear it straight. And long! (I took this picture of myself a couple of weeks ago after I put a relaxer in it. By myself. Not to shabby, eh?)

I have to "steal" pictures from my mom. She hoards them like no tomorrow. The picture above? I NEVER seen this until I was in my 20's. I have no idea how many other pictures I never seen. Of course, now she really hides them!

I'm very nearsighted! Growing up, I hated wearing the glasses my mom picked out for me. I used to lose them on purpose because they were ugly! Because of that, one day, when I was in high school, I was waiting for my BFF to come hang out with me at my house. We had quite a few people over when a white car pulled into the parking lot of our townhouse. I decided to jump on the car hood as it pulled up. When I looked up, it was a total stranger driving! I seriously thought it was her car. Because it was white. And small! Should've wore the glasses!

Out of all the kids in my generation, I was the first to graduate! Graduation was AWESOME!!! (See the picture on the left in the pic? That was my 9th grade picture. I never did get my senior pics taken. That's another story though. Don't even get me started on prom! LOL!)

I'm a packrat! I still have my Star Quilt! It's falling apart and very faded, but it's as old as I am. (I'm so glad I'm not a blanket!) I love it! I also have almost all of my ID cards. From 7th grade to 11th grade. I lost my senior card two weeks after school started. Good thing I was able to leave for lunch everyday! I have so much memorabilia from my younger days! Love looking through them every once in awhile!

I'm what you would call a "Jack-of-All-Trades"! I worked in many fields. Including phlebotomy! That's right people! I used to stick people with needles! And? We could party it up like nobody's business! Not to comforting, is it? However, this was pre-baby days, but lots of fun none-the-less. In fact, it was these days I quit drinking. Anyway, among this job, I've worked retail, did door-to-door sales, was a teacher at a private school (when I was 19), worked in the insurance field (I can tell you what a "rider" is!), I even worked for a company who worked for the child support division. All on a H.S. diploma! Oh yeah! I'm that good!!!

He is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me! EVER!!! He spoils the crap out of me. He trusts me. He sticks by me through thick AND thin. He supports me in everything no matter if I finish or not. He loves me. He makes me laugh. He laughs at my jokes. But the main reason he is the best thing that has ever happened to me is because...

He gave me the GREATEST GIFTS OF ALL!!! My life was not complete until I had my two babies! These are my life!

Well, I could go on and on and on and on. But I'll spare you the details. Like when I got married and divorced when I was 19, or the fact that my sister and I could seriously start a band with our body parts, or how I will believe ANYTHING you tell me (like how there are alligators living in the sewers), or how my sister and I started a party planning business, or even how I ABHOR any kind of bugs that I will cover them up with a plunger until Jeff gets home so he can kill them. Yep. I'll spare you. I had an intersting life growing up. In fact, it's still interesting. But I wouldn't want it any other way!

Thanks Amy for letting me share some of my little personal factoids about me! As for the rest of you, I seriously hope you play along! It will be interesting to read all about you! Thanks for enduring!


  1. Wow! Nice to get to know you! I don't have very many pics of me as a child either, so I cherish any I come across. You kids are darling! Thanks for following my blog. I am following you too.

  2. Love the hair! And by the way...I love curly super curly hair on people too. It looks so cool! You have a great personality, and your kids are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  3. love your list! and you were DARLING as a baby, which is why your kids I'm sure are so cute :)

  4. What a fabulous list!! Glad I found your blog and have a Fantastic New Year!!!

  5. found you through the idea room :) nice to meet you...
    Sarah aka Miss Candiquik.