Wednesday, October 13, 2010

They Are Such Big Helpers!

My kids LOVE to help whenever they can. Whether it's cooking, cleaning, laundry, and even making my crafts. They also like to make thier own crafts too! So, when Hobby Lobby had thier aprons on sale a couple of weeks ago, I decided to buy each of my kids an apron to decorate and use for when they help or craft. I had fabric markers on hand already, so this project only costed me $3! (Not including tax of course!)

Okay, so really I made London's because I don't trust her with crayons, markers, or paint just yet. I was thinking that when she's old enough, she can make her own, however, I may just buy another one and let her decorate it outside in the backyard. That way, if she gets bored with the apron, she can color the grass and not my walls! Anyway, this is the one I made her:

A close-up of the art:

Here she is sportin' her new apron (which she loves by the way!):

Here's Taevyn making his apron:

Here's Taevyn sportin' his newest creation:

Here are both of them all hung up in the kitchen entryway to be used when needed:

I'm so glad the kids love them! Now I don't have to worry about their clothes getting ruined and it just may save some money on having to buy new clothes! BONUS!!!


  1. If you are telling me you free-handed that I am jealous.

    Cute aprons!!

  2. Ok 1st of all this blog world isn't as big as they say it is. 2nd those kids are growning up WAY to fast. 3rd I keep seeing August 15 passing by and have no address for a card. 4th honestly will you EVER look your age??
    5th- got ya guessing don't I? Yep keep thinking, you'll figure it out soon enough.
    Miss you! Hugs.

  3. @Anonymous
    1.) I hear that a lot (on other blogs!) 2.) Tell me about it! LOL!) 3.) Please don't remind me about my age! J/K!) 4.) See #3! HA! I may not look my age, but I feel it! HAHA!
    5.) Of course I'm guessing, but you didn't give me any info about yourself, so I'm totally clueless! I probably miss you too! Hugs right back! ;o)

  4. ya I know you miss me, no matter the time thats passed or miles between, "cuz thats just how we roll ya know". I'm still older than you so enough already.
    I didn't want to tell too much and give it all away, it would be that easy, trust me. Forget 20 questions you could probably guess it in 10, or less....
    So Andi, up for the game?

  5. oh and for the others viewing don't worry.
    "I'm not conceited I'm just convinced"
    ha ha ha ha ha ;)

  6. HAHAHAHA! I haven't said the "conceited/convinced" term since H.S.!!! Although I "rolled" with a few, there is only one person that I know of who called me Andi!

    However, I may be wrong (but I highly doubt it). I'm going out of town for three days, so I'm gonna let you ponder and see if you think I know who you are!!! Bwahahaha!!! Until Sunday!!!

  7. I know you know and you know I know you know. Ya know? Man it's late! Let me know when you get back, seriously it's just been too long!!!

  8. Okay, so Sunday passed awhile ago, but you know how things are. Unpacking, cleaning, blah, blah, blah!

    And the mystery commenter is:

    KIMMY SUE!!!

    Did I win? Did I win?

  9. You win a swift kick the @ss for calling me that!! Only you I swear...
    and what the heck is cleaning and why did it take priority??????????

  10. HAHAHAHA!!!! That's right only me! I think I was the only one who got away with it too! LOL!

    Cleaning! Yeah, it was something I had to learn when we bought this house. Why I didn't take it into account when we bought this huge sucker I don't know!

    And really, it wouldn't have taken priority if we didn't have company coming!

    But, email me at so we can chat more!