Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm Seriously Thinking About It!

**WARNING: This is a long post, but mostly full of pictures. Please read on! It may be worth your time!**

I'm seriously thinking about having an online garage sale or thrift type store here on the Kitschalicious blog. Why? Because I have WAY TOO MUCH! Just check out my craft room:

I am seriously embarrassed to even post this picture, but I had to. I know. I'm still in the process of putting it together, but I came to the conclusion I just don't have the room.

Did I mention that my craft room is part of my bedroom? Yeah. The picture above is the sitting area by my bed. Embarrassing, I know. And no, I don't need to be on the show "Hoarders". That's why I'm trying to get rid of it. Okay, so this doesn't look like this now, I put some of the boxes and stuff in my garage.

Speaking of which, I still have more in the garage I need to get rid of AND I may have a box or two in the closet of some baby clothes I just know one (or two..or three) of you could repurpose. The clothes are just to small for my kids.

Here are some stamps I bought over the past couple of years. Some have never been used. I'm sure some of these can be purged.

This is a set of plastic drawers I've had since High School. Yep, I've carried this baby around everywhere. Great for storage. Why this picture?

Because one of my drawers are full of stickers. I'm pretty sure I don't need a lot of these.

Then there is my ribbon stash. It doesn't look like much now, but just wait.

Here's a nice picture of my desk. Yep. Full of stuff. See the little cabinet next to my desk?

It's full of jewelry making supplies, ribbon (and I'm still not done with those pics), buttons, and more.

Here are some small containers filled with misc stuff.

More containers of stuff.

Here's the top shelf of my bookcase on the left (in the first picture). This is mostly fabric related stuff.

Here is some acrylic paint. Surprisingly, I don't have more of this. But there is this stuff called Textile Medium you can mix with acrylic paint to make fabric paint. I have the Medium, I may (or may not) have used it. I can't remember. I really need to get on the ball with that.

Here are some fabric paints, dyes, markers, etc. Okay, so I may not sell these. I haven't decided yet. I still have to go through it.

Here is some felt. What? Doesn't look like much? I have another basket. Just wait.

Here is some misc fabric. I seriously need to stop going by the fabric scraps at Hobby Lobby. Just sayin'!

Then I have some ribbon and trim.

Yep. The basket is pretty full.

This is my somewhat of a sewing station. Sort of. Well, it's where I keep my sewing machine. The bottom shelf...not so much sewing, but that's because I'm still in the process of organizing.

See the blue basket? That's more fabric. See the green basket? That's more felt. I told you I had more! This little basket on the side has some fabric doilies and possibly some vintage handkerchiefs. I don't remember and I forgot to open it up.

Oh Yeah! My apothecary jars! And no, I won't be selling the jars, but I'm sure I have stuff inside them that could go.

See the white and black plastic things? Those would be ink pads. I have a lot of those that could probably go.

Here is some more ribbon. Would you believe this still isn't the end?'s not!

See, I have more!

Okay, I believe I'm FINALLY done with the ribbon. Didn't I tell you I had a lot? I think there was a time when I had a slight obssession. Okay, I'll admit it, a full blown obssession. But, it's so pretty! Oh, and one more thing. Earlier I saw in a box that I had a few more spools that aren't pictured. (Maybe I shouldn't have said that!)

FINALLY! The last picture! This box is FULL of scrapbook papers! I know a lot of this could go too!

The funny thing about all of this is, I have WAY more stuff! I mean LOTS of it! Seriously, I have no idea how it all got stored in a tiny apartment. It's totally boggling my mind! Yeah. I know. Crazy! And you have to believe me! I didn't lie about the ribbon, did I? I would've taken more pictures of more stuff, but I didn't want to hurt your eyes anymore. I mean 25 pics in one post is a lot! I know! Try taking that many, then posting about it! It hurts!

Okay, I'll stop now! Anyway, the point being is, would you be interested in buying some of this? It would help me out. A Lot!

P.S. They weren't lying when they said to just buy what you need for a specific project! Just sayin'!


  1. Your probably asking the wrong people if we would buy it. I know I need more stuff like a kick in the head!!:) Thing is I don't think your stuff is obscene over the top but its a way not conducive to your bedroom. Like you need some storage boxes from Target or Ikea. Something that matches the decor of your bedroom and you wouldn't mind looking at. I learned that the hard way when I had all my crafting stuff in my bedroom. It also had to be really accessible And easily put back. And I did have to decide what I really loved. For me its paper so most of what I kept revolved around that. I got rid of a lot and honestly I haven't missed it. You gotta be tough with yourself decide what you truly need in your room. If its seasonal put it in the garage. In clear plastic boxes that are labeled. If you haven't used it in two years. GET RID OF IT!!! Funny thing is I move get my own room and miss my stuff in my bedroom! So you see it can work out very nicely you just gotta think about your lay out and whats important enough to look at everyday!

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  3. OH MY HEAVENS dear.
    Bless your little heart.
    That is SO much stuff
    but hey look on the bright side, at least it is CRAFT stuff
    which is ALWAYS very useful


  4. I have more so the answer would have to be no - especially since, I am doing Stashbusting September over at the T-shirt Diaries.

    But let me tell you, I do feel your pain!!

  5. Here's what we'll do. I'll go down to Texas and help you go through your stuff and you come back to LIncoln with me and go through my stuff. I'm sure all that would happen is we just trade lot's of stuff and not get rid of anything. But hey it'll all be new stuff to us.

  6. From NFF

    As an army family, our frequent moves FORCE us to purge occasionally. Now, I find myself getting itchy to get rid things once a year or so. But I'm also a packrat,so it balances out.

  7. Your craft stash makes me DROOL!

    Hopping over from the blog hop! Hope to see you as soon I always return the love (comment back/follow back).

    Kerin :)

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  10. I feel your pain! I don't allow myself to buy anything anymore unless it is specific to something I'm making. My stash is out of control. Check out those paints-- they can dry out. You can paint on fabric with them without the fabric medium so go ahead and enjoy.
    Following you from the hop. Please come follow me too.

  11. I am following you now from trendy treehouse FF. Yup you have too much stuff. I do too. I have my stuff all over basement and my bedroom and even under my bed. Bad. Brutally I almost trip over it every night when I get up to pee. Bad.
    I am at

    My kids could come over and use all your stuff making goofy crafts..just sayin..''

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