Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Don't Know, But I've Been Told!

It was the Ultimate Army Party! Well, sort of! I only say sort of because I really didn't get everything I really wanted to done with it. But that's okay! The kids had a blast and that's all that matters, right? I should also tell you that I went to bed at 2 am that morning and then had to wake up at 6 am to finish. So yeah, I was pretty tired!

Would you like to see what I did anyway? I thought you might. So, please come in and have fun at the "party"!

Here is the "Mess Hall" where the kids ate. We bought a helium tank at Walmart, but the balloons wouldn't hold the helium very well. So, we didn't get to have balloons (except for the one lonely one on the ceiling I didn't see when I took this picture. Oh, and please don't mind the spool of ribbon on the table. That wasn't supposed to be there either.) I had more planned for this room. Taevyn's Uncle had given him some stuff that I was going to use for decor and forgot to get it.

The Army Recruiting Station so graciously gave us some posters (that are now in Taevyn's room) for decorations. How nice was that?

This is my second favorite one. I love the Soldier's Creed.

This is my favorite poster! The scene is so neat and it feels as if you're almost there with them!

Here is the table with the MRE's. In the sacks were peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches, chips, applesauce, and Gushers (you know, when you blow up, your guts "gush" out! HA!) They drank "Swamp Water" from thier canteens and ate thier food out of the pie plates.

Here is a close up of the place setting. I used the same concept as the invitation for the MREs with the bands. I forgot to take pictures of the Favor bags, but it looks just like this only it says "Thank You" instead. Originally I wanted to make "Care Packages" using the Pop Tart boxes I had saved and wrap them with kraft paper, but I didn't have enough boxes.

I made personalized zipper pulls for each guest and used them as place cards. This was nice because I already had the supplies on hand and didn't have to spend any money on them.

There was an army man on each place setting too. I was originally going to make paper place cards and have these hold them up, but I ran out of time and decided to use the zipper pulls instead, which I liked better anyway.

Here is the birthday cake I made. I think I'm getting a little better at these. Don't get me wrong, I know I could never work at a bakery, because I am by no means professional, but I love doing this for my family. I used Wilton's Color Mist in black and green, and used some army toys to decorate it with.

Here is the inside of the cake. Yeah, this was one of the projects I did at 1 o'clock in the morning! I used a box white cake mix and separated two small bowls worth. I colored the main cake batter with Wilton's Kelly Green icing color. Then I colored the two smaller bowls with black and the other one brown using the icing color. Then I did a "marble" effect with it. However, I want to try this again pouring some of the green batter in the cake pan, then a little of the black and brown, marble it, then pour in the remaining green, black and brown and marble it. That way the brown and black are more in the middle too. I still have another cake mix, so I may try it this weekend. Yep! Curiosity will kill this cat!

The t-shirt Taevyn is wearing is the "PT" shirt I made for each boy to take home. What a fun project this was. I first diluted some black fabric dye to get the gray color for the shirt, which was originally white. Then I used my Cricut to cut out the word "ARMY" onto some freezer paper. I then ironed the paper on the shirt and used black fabric paint to color it in.
I was going to make dog tags for them, but ran out of time. However, besides the shirt, the kids also got a camouflage bandana, thier canteens, a water gun, temporary tattoos, bubbles, a compass ring, a watch, some candy, their zipper pulls, and apples. Apples you say? Well not just any apples...

...Camouflage Apples! Taevyn and I made these and it was a lot of fun. I wrapped them up in cellophane and tied with camo and brown ribbon and some black ric rac. This was the coolest favor ever if you ask me!

Here is the apples sans cellophane! Doesn't it just look yummy?

Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of the obstacle course. It wasn't much to look at though. I really had to get creative with it. I used some very thin dowels to make the hurdles with black nylons tied to them, some more dowels and rope to make an obstacle where the kids had to crawl under the rope (yeah, I can't remember what that's called) some boxes for them to crawl through, and a little table with some army men they had to knock over with with waterballoons. Oh, and since I couldn't find any innertubes, I had to spray paint some large embroidery hoops black for the Tire Run too.

The games that were planned was "PT Drills", "Mine Field", "MIA", "Sergeant Says", and "Help the Injured Soldier". Then they were deployed to "War" which was free play in the yard. They had so much fun and I did too! It was some good times. A few of the kids asked if they could come to Taevyn's party next year. I'm hoping I can make it as good as this year!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Please Stop Growing Up So Fast!

Happy Birthday My Baby Boy!
I'm so glad you had fun at your Army Party!
We love you very much!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Taking A Break

Not from blogging silly! From planning and making stuff for Taevyn's party! Oh, there's so much to do, but I still have a little time for a quick break to come and tell you what My Love bought for me last night (at 11:30 pm)!

First, I wanted to say how much I still need a lot of practice in the sewing department. I truly enjoy sewing. I really never thought I would. I mean, do you remember my first project? Then quite a few years later I tackled it again with London's coat. So I figured if I just sew way more often than I am now, I can get better and eventually make the cool "harder-to-sew" stuff that I've been eyeballing. In the meantime, Jeff bought me these two patterns:

A little cheerleading outfit for London. Since Taevyn plays football (this year he's on the Giants team), I figured I could make a little skirt for his games. I'm starting with the simple one. I'm also going to use a regular shirt for the top and I was thinking about using the smallest pair of white underwhere I could find and dye it red so I don't have to make this one. Only because I don't have much time since his second game is this Saturday.

Then he bought me this cute little Kimono shirt for London as well. I can't wait to give this a try. I think she'll like it. Especially since she's way into dress up right now. She decided she wanted to wear her "ladybug" skirt I got from the Dollar Tree today! She cracks me up!

You are probably wondering where Jeff bought this stuff so late, right? Well, I found this site called SewingPatterns.com. It's great because there are so many patterns you can buy. There are over 50 brands of patterns including Simplicity, New Look, Burda, and so much more! And the variety of patterns are amazing. I, of course, like the Children's section. So, this is what I found (if you click on the pictures, it will take you directly to that pattern):

The great thing about this site is that you can download the patterns and print them right from home! That is the best feature ever! Isn't this coat adorable? I'm trying to figure out how to enlarge a pattern so I can make the little boy one for Taevyn.

Then there are the patterns that don't have the download option. But they have very reasonable shipping charges. The first pattern is $3.35 and each additional pattern is $0.95. Not to bad. They even ship internationally!

Thier download patterns can run as low as $2.99! How great is that? However, a lot of the downloadable patterns are aout $6.99. Still a great price!

They even have pajama patterns! Isn't this cute? I so want this for London!

They have patterns on CDs available too! These are now $12.95 marked down from $49.99! Oh yeah! I so want to order this! There is one that is $29.95, but that's the markdown from $99.95.

They have costumes. I'm thinking I should've bought this one for the army party. I still might since I have over a week. I just need the shirt because I found a pair of pants for Taevyn for $10 at Target. I'm also lovin' the pirate costume too.

They even have a couple (litterally, a couple) of non-clothing items such as this cute little Cupcake Party decor for a cute cupcake party! I LOVE THIS! So many ideas in this pattern.

And how about these cute canopys. I'm thinking an army one for Taevyn of course, and either a fairy one or a some sort of Hollywood/Dressup one for London.

Yep, I'm loving this site I discovered. Of course, with all the good things, there are the not-so-good things. The site itself isn't very user-friendly. I was getting a little confused. For instance, apparently you can't register for a new account until after you buy something. Then they create a site for you. Then, I wish they had more "Sort By" options. You can only sort by style of clothing, such as Pants, Tops, Etc. Or you can sort by Brand. It would've been nice to sort by size, price, etc. They also have a lot of duplicates. Like they have the army/pirate costume above listed 4 or 5 times on different pages. I just don't know why they can't have one.

As for the patterns themselves, even though they are in a PDF format, you can't save the actual pattern to your hard drive. But you do have a folder called "My Patterns" on their site, which it is stored. Personally, I'd like to have the power to open and print without having to log onto the internet to do so, but I guess this is for copyright purposes. I'm thinking they don't want you to share the patterns. Can you blame them though? It is a business afterall.

Overall, I think the reason I love this site so much is because you can buy and print straight from home. And the prices are very reasonable. I'm definitely going back for more.

And for those of you who are wondering, this is my own opinion. I was in no way compensated for this review. I just wanted to share this awesome site because, well, that's how I roll! Have a great day everybody!

Monday, September 13, 2010

This Is Gonna Be Big!!!

Soooo, how was your weekend? Mine was fantabulous!!! I finished the invitations for Taevyn's Ultimate Army Party! And they came out pretty well if I do say so myself! I sort of "scraplifted" if you will, from a Paper Crafts magazine I bought a few years back. It's from the Birthday edition. I used the basic concept of what they had, but still, made it my own. Ever since I saw the ideas for an Army Party, I was hoping that Taevyn would someday want one. And that time has finally come! Let's just say I'm thankful for his Uncle Matt for being his hero. Otherwise I may never have gotten to do this party! Here's a mini tutorial:

I had to make my own file folder template using a manila folder as a guide. My template measures approx 5x7. I downloaded this Top Secret font for free! (I {heart} free stuff!) Then I had to print the "Official Orders" on a regular piece of paper, position the folder over the words and lightly tape it, then run it through the printer again. FIFTEEN TIMES! Seriously, I was closing my eyes really tight and crossing my fingers that they wouldn't mess up. I really didn't want to have to start over. Then I used my rounded corner punch to round the corners. I inked the edges with brown ink (inside and out), cut strips out of camo patterned paper, cut circles out and distressed (the circles are 1 1/2" and 1"), and then added a star sticker. Then I used my label maker to make the "Duty 1st" labels for the tab. Not to shabby, eh?

Then I cut out a liner out of an army green textured cardstock. I printed out a map online (mainly for ambience), made a pocket for the map, and stamped "base location" with some letter stamps I bought for a dollar at Joann's Fabric. The word "Patriot" comes from some patterned paper I got from Hobby Lobby. Each invitation has a different word such as "Courage," "Leadership," "Honor," etc. I printed the party details on a Word doc using multiple text boxes. I forgot to take a picture of the second page, but it has the "Important Notice" information such as Qualifications, Survival Gear, Confirmation, etc. If you want me to, I can take a picture of it and add it to this. I used this site as inspiration for the actual invite. They have free printables, but because I knew how I wanted my invitation to look, I had to design my own. Since I didn't have the guests addresses (they are Taevyn's classmates), I made up a military one. I also didn't get their last names in time, but I HAD to get these done so he could pass them out today.

As for the envelope, I bought a package of 6x9 manila envelopes from Walmart. I'm so glad I bought the package that had 25 in them. Feeding these suckers through the printer was difficult! I messed up a few times and the extras were nice to have! I designed the front using Word again. I also used a bunch of text boxes and Photoshop brushes to make the "Confidential" and "Priority" stamps and the "Postage" stamps. I had to turn them into Jpegs, then insert them into text boxes as a picture file in Word. As for the Dept of Defense seal (and the Army seal on the invite), I just googled the seals images. Then I printed them out and viola! My almost official envelopes!

I had so much fun making these and I hope the kids will want to come to his party! It will be ULTIMATE! So, stay tuned for more on this party!
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Handmade Birthday

I hope everybody had a chillaxin' Labor day weekend! I know I did! On Sunday, the four of us celebrated London's birthday! Since we didn't have an actual party, I wanted to make it special for her. So what does a crafty mother do to make it special? She makes things of course!

London has been into fairies as of late. Ever since she saw a small clip of the new Tinkerbell movie, she has been making me read her Fairyland book every night. At least three times! (Good thing it's only 5 pages long with 2 sentences every other page!) So I decided to give her a little "Tinkerbell" party! Here's a "tour" if you will:

Before we get to the outfit, let me show you the cake. Be warned, I am by no means a cake decorator. In fact, I'm not even a cake baker. This is actually a strawberry cake (from a box) with cream cheese frosting (from a plastic canister) sprayed with Wilton's Green Color Mist. But, I did write the "Happy Birthday London!" in yellow cake gel (from a tube).

Then I bought a set of the Tinkerbell fairies for $10 from Walmart. I knoooow! Ten bucks! But first, she's my little girl, and second, she gets to play with these for a little bit before I pack them with her second birthday memorabilia, and third, poor girl didn't even get a birthday party. I kind of felt bad, but since I didn't have the extra expense of a party, I was able to splurge just a little bit. Seriously, did I have to explain? Probably not, but it makes me feel better that I can justify the ten dollars. Okay then, moving on with my badself!

To start out with her little ensemble, I first made her a birthday hat using a template from the Lovely Paper Blog. I cut out the number "2" using my Cricut and the Plantin SchoolBook cartridge.

I then bought some Tinkerbell stickers that were on clearance for $1 at Walmart. I had to use the one with the attitude, well, because my daughter is like that. Yep. She's got a big attitude. That's just my luck! But I still love her!

Here's the top of her head. She actually wanted to wear it. When I put it on her, I thought she was going to want it off until it donned on me that she LOVES hats. Any kind of hats. She's a hat girl. Don't ask! I have no idea! HAHA! Unfortunately, she kept moving when I was trying to tie it on and so the hat kept falling off. That's why you only get a picture with the top of her head. Bummer. I know! Just wait until the end though. You'll see!

I bought this badge (that has lights and all) from Walmart for $1.50.

And I made this image using photoshop. So what do you do with a badge, an image, some ribbon, and some felt?

You make a birthday badge of course! So there is a flaw. I didn't cut the ends before I glued them on, so they are a bit awkward looking. It's the thought that counts though, right? Oh come on, just nod your head "yes" and smile real big!

Speaking of flaws! Her dress did NOT come out how I was hoping. I bought another Tinkerbell bandana and attempted to make a pillowcase dress. It just didn't want to work with me this time. You can't really tell in this picture, but it came out so bad. The back looked like she was wearing a superhero cape it was so wide. Yeah, I was so embarrassed that I didn't even want to take a picture. Let's move on to the next item, shall we? Lets!

You see these shoes? I bought them at, again, Walmart for $5. Of course I cut the bows off before I took a picture. Yep. I get momnesia once in awhile. Okay, who am I kidding? I get it quite often. Anyhow, so I bought these shoes and you know what I did with them?

That's right! I made Tinkerbell shoes! This was my favorite project. Probably because it was the easiest. I just spray painted the shoes, glittered the trim part (if that's what you call it) and added big white pom poms! Easy as pie! London loves these shoes so much that she has to wear them EVERYWHERE! That right there was probably the best $5 I spent on her.

And here's my birthday girl all decked out and ready to PAR-TAY! Okay, not really. She wasn't feeling all that hot that day. But she did enjoy opening the presents. But then again, if I were feeling a bit under the weather, presents would help me a lot too. Don't lie, you know it's true! HA!

As for the birthday cake, she didn't want any! Gasp! I know! Who's kid is she? She just wanted to play with the fairy decorations instead. And that's why I don't have a picture of her eating her cake. Hopefully next year.

I hope you enjoyed our little "party". Well, the crafty part of it anyway. Next up. Taevyn's Ultimate Army party! Then I'm done with birthdays until next August when it starts all over! Have a good day everybody! And if you live in Texas, hopefully we can stay dry today!
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My One, My Only, My Always


Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm Seriously Thinking About It!

**WARNING: This is a long post, but mostly full of pictures. Please read on! It may be worth your time!**

I'm seriously thinking about having an online garage sale or thrift type store here on the Kitschalicious blog. Why? Because I have WAY TOO MUCH! Just check out my craft room:

I am seriously embarrassed to even post this picture, but I had to. I know. I'm still in the process of putting it together, but I came to the conclusion I just don't have the room.

Did I mention that my craft room is part of my bedroom? Yeah. The picture above is the sitting area by my bed. Embarrassing, I know. And no, I don't need to be on the show "Hoarders". That's why I'm trying to get rid of it. Okay, so this doesn't look like this now, I put some of the boxes and stuff in my garage.

Speaking of which, I still have more in the garage I need to get rid of AND I may have a box or two in the closet of some baby clothes I just know one (or two..or three) of you could repurpose. The clothes are just to small for my kids.

Here are some stamps I bought over the past couple of years. Some have never been used. I'm sure some of these can be purged.

This is a set of plastic drawers I've had since High School. Yep, I've carried this baby around everywhere. Great for storage. Why this picture?

Because one of my drawers are full of stickers. I'm pretty sure I don't need a lot of these.

Then there is my ribbon stash. It doesn't look like much now, but just wait.

Here's a nice picture of my desk. Yep. Full of stuff. See the little cabinet next to my desk?

It's full of jewelry making supplies, ribbon (and I'm still not done with those pics), buttons, and more.

Here are some small containers filled with misc stuff.

More containers of stuff.

Here's the top shelf of my bookcase on the left (in the first picture). This is mostly fabric related stuff.

Here is some acrylic paint. Surprisingly, I don't have more of this. But there is this stuff called Textile Medium you can mix with acrylic paint to make fabric paint. I have the Medium, I may (or may not) have used it. I can't remember. I really need to get on the ball with that.

Here are some fabric paints, dyes, markers, etc. Okay, so I may not sell these. I haven't decided yet. I still have to go through it.

Here is some felt. What? Doesn't look like much? I have another basket. Just wait.

Here is some misc fabric. I seriously need to stop going by the fabric scraps at Hobby Lobby. Just sayin'!

Then I have some ribbon and trim.

Yep. The basket is pretty full.

This is my somewhat of a sewing station. Sort of. Well, it's where I keep my sewing machine. The bottom shelf...not so much sewing, but that's because I'm still in the process of organizing.

See the blue basket? That's more fabric. See the green basket? That's more felt. I told you I had more! This little basket on the side has some fabric doilies and possibly some vintage handkerchiefs. I don't remember and I forgot to open it up.

Oh Yeah! My apothecary jars! And no, I won't be selling the jars, but I'm sure I have stuff inside them that could go.

See the white and black plastic things? Those would be ink pads. I have a lot of those that could probably go.

Here is some more ribbon. Would you believe this still isn't the end? Well...it's not!

See, I have more!

Okay, I believe I'm FINALLY done with the ribbon. Didn't I tell you I had a lot? I think there was a time when I had a slight obssession. Okay, I'll admit it, a full blown obssession. But, it's so pretty! Oh, and one more thing. Earlier I saw in a box that I had a few more spools that aren't pictured. (Maybe I shouldn't have said that!)

FINALLY! The last picture! This box is FULL of scrapbook papers! I know a lot of this could go too!

The funny thing about all of this is, I have WAY more stuff! I mean LOTS of it! Seriously, I have no idea how it all got stored in a tiny apartment. It's totally boggling my mind! Yeah. I know. Crazy! And you have to believe me! I didn't lie about the ribbon, did I? I would've taken more pictures of more stuff, but I didn't want to hurt your eyes anymore. I mean 25 pics in one post is a lot! I know! Try taking that many, then posting about it! It hurts!

Okay, I'll stop now! Anyway, the point being is, would you be interested in buying some of this? It would help me out. A Lot!

P.S. They weren't lying when they said to just buy what you need for a specific project! Just sayin'!