Monday, August 23, 2010

Room By Room: Kitchen - Vintage-Style Vinyl Coasters

Before I tell you about these:

Let me tell you about this:

Last week was so busy! My second day of being thirty-two years old, I FINALLY got to go to Sea World for the first time EVER and we had a blast!!! (I have a feeling a few days after my 35th birthday I'll get to go to one of the Disney's for the first time! HAHA!) The kids had so much fun and although London didn't really get her nap, she was a trooper and was fuss-free up until the very end. As for a mini-vacation, we are going to plan one every year before school starts. Sort of an End-Of-Summer Bash!

Also last week, we had to get ready for school. Today is Taevyn's first day and we were out finishing up school clothes shopping. With all the hustle and bustle of getting things ready, I managed to get a project done.

Let me tell you about the vinyl I bought at Goodwill for two bucks. It's a vintage-style cherry vinyl I bought brand new! Isn't it lovely? I {heart} the Goodwill! I love the cherries and I knew it would go perfect in my kitchen! Yep! This is the style I want. Good ol' fashioned cherries! It's bright and cherry...I mean...cheery!

Of course I'm not going to put this on my walls. That would just be crazy! So, I'm using bits and pieces for the accessories. It's all about accessorizing! So I made some coasters.

I LOVE my new coasters! I use them all the time! Just a few tiles, the vinyl, some felt, ribbon, and a little bit of rhinestones for a little bling, huh? Perfection I tell ya!

This is my "red" one. Why red? Because it has red ribbon on the front and red felt on the back.

This is the back of the "blue" one. You can't really see, but it has blue ribbon on the edges and then of course the blue felt backing. I'm thrilled that I had ribbon the perfect width of the edge in both colors!

Yep! I almost love my DQ's raspberry iced tea as much as my coasters! I'm in heaven now!

Well, off to get some things done! Hope you have a great day everybody!


  1. You are right they are cheery!

  2. Ack! Those are cuuuttee! But you know I'm a cherry freak. Congrats on finally going to sea world, I went once years ago. It's fun huh! I just turned forty and I still haven't gone to Disney anything maybe when I turn fifty??:)

  3. We stay in a condo right near Sea World and I've never been either!

  4. ok those are so CUTE! LOVE the cherry print. And was that a little bling on that felt cherry? Cute Cute Cute!!!!!

    ~Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"