Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Room By Room: Craft Room In Progress

We FINALLY got our AC fixed last Saturday. Oh Mercy! I never want to do THAT again! While it was hot, hot, HOT I didn't do much about anything but thought I was going to die of heat stroke. Okay, it wasn't that bad, since we stayed in the shade, had all fans going and drank LOTS of water!

Sunday, I started moving my craft stuff to my bedroom. Here is the before picture:

After going through all of my stuff, I decided to store any non-essentials in the garage and keep out the stuff I will use. I'm still putting my room together, but I did get most of it up. Here's what it looks like now:

I still have much more to do, like put up some more shelves, find the tote with my apothecary jars, unpack some more stuff among other things I still have to do.

I'm eventually going to build an island in that empty space for a cutting station. I can't wait to do that! I bought a cutting mat (see the blue thing next to my bookcase) and rotary cutter, so I'll need something to cut things on besides my dining room table downstairs. I'll also need it to cut things with my Cricut too!

I LOVE this room. I can't wait to use it! Oh, and remember the formal dining room I was originally going to use for my craft room? We decided to turn it into a Snack Bar. How cool will that be? I'm now looking for two small bistro-style tables to put by the windows. By the red accent wall will be a bar with stools where I'll keep a blender and other "bar" tools and supplies. I'm also looking for an armoire or two to make a Snack Center and a Drink Station. I have a box light that says "Pub Open" on one side and "Pub Closed" on the other side. I bought it on clearance at Target a few years ago after St. Patrick's Day! I also have tons of kid-friendly recipes to make neat drinks including the infamous Shirley Temple! I'll also have snacks for them to eat. I'm thrilled and can't wait to get that started!

Well, I'll stop boring you with my plans until I get it started and have pics to show you. Have a wonderful day Friends!


  1. You've made a lot of progress! Lookin' good! I love the Snack Bar idea and look forward to seeing those pictures. :-)

  2. Wow you are right - you must have a massive bedroom!!