Monday, August 30, 2010

Nifty Thrifty: Carafe Jar or Vintage Milk Jug?

I haven't posted a "Nifty Thrifty" post in a long time, so I figured I better do one. Apparently I have a thing for jars. Remember my Apothecary Jars? I've actually added more to my collection and I should do another post about them sometime. Anyway, sometimes it pays out to check the way bottom shelf. I mean get down on your "hands and knees" kind of looking. Otherwise you might miss out on something like these:

That's right! They are 1/2 qt carafes...or vintage milk jugs? I don't know, but I really liked them. Betcha can't guess how much I paid for all eight of these beauts? 5 smackaroos! That's right! FIVE DOLLARS for all eight! Can you believe it?

I'm so bummed though because I bought some gingham ribbon to make these curtains, but I can't find the ribbon anywhere! Grr...! I wanted to tie a bow around this one before I took a pic. I'm guessing I should look in one of the many hiding places London has in this place.

Anyway Friends, have a great Monday!


  1. LOVE THESE!!! I so need.. ok fine WANT these.. and what a steal at $5!!! Happy happy HAPPY DANCE!!!!!

    ~Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  2. I actually passed a couple of these up last week at the thrift store because my hands were full. I went to get a cart and when I came to scoop them up they were GONE! I saw some sweet little old lady walking away with them... They had some more under a glass shelf (Yeah! In a thrift store! Seriously?!) but they were $5 each. So bummed I didn't grab them right away! I TOO have a thing for jars! On the upside I scored some good finds! A vintage pilots case, several vintage handkerchiefs, a first edition cabbage patch doll, an old glow worm (not the new ones, but it still worked!) and a couple other things!

    Love and Hugs, Jess