Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kids Korner: Vacation Totes

Today should be considered a National Holiday! That's right, today is my birthday! Okay, maybe not a national holiday, but it's the second day out of the year that I am treated as a Queen (the first day being Mother's Day) from my beloved little family whom I adore so much!

For my birthday, My Love is taking us on a mini-vacation to Sea World in San Antonio! We'll be leaving this afternoon and won't be back until Tuesday! We have a two night three day stay planned and I'm so excited! In fact I'm so excited that I made the kids these tote bags to carry their games, toys, coloring books, etc.

I used my Cricut to cut the boy/girl images out freezer paper to use for a stencil. I used the A Child's Year cartridge and thought the beach ones sent the perfect message for "vacation". I used fabric paint on the stencils. I used blue dimensional fabric paint for the squiggly lines and dots on Taevyn's bag. I used silver dimesional fabric paint for the starbursts and dots on London's bag. I wish I would've only made one starburst and the rest polka dots, but you live and learn.

For their names, I again used my Cricut to cut the fabric and WonderUnder using the same cartridge. Note to self: If you're gonna cut letters from fabric, use big letters. Otherwise the fabric gets all bunched up. Also, be sure to clean your mat because it doesn't stick to fabric to well if it's covered in paper lint. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES PEOPLE! LOL! Just sayin'! I still have to attach the fabric then I'll sew random stitches using complimentary embroidery floss.

I hope you like the bags because I really do! Seriously, if your budget allows you to, you should really take a mini-vacation! They are AWESOME!!!

Now I must leave you with this picture I took of my ice tray. I have no idea how a long line of water froze through in the air, but it was totally wicked! LOL! My son thought it was the "coolest thing ever!" HAHAHA! You can tell who's son he is! Have a great day my friends!


  1. Happy birthday . . . sounds like you have a great birthday get-away in store! ;)

  2. Happy Birthday!! I have a fun trip. I wish it were a holiday - then my hubs could stay home!!

    Adorable bags!!