Friday, July 30, 2010

Nifty Thrifty - Entryway Bench

I couldn't be more excited!!! I went to the Goodwill today and found this:

Would you believe I only paid $10 for it? I'm so thrilled! I'm going to paint it Antique White and sew a cute seat cushion. But until I get to it, it's sitting in my entryway getting its money's worth from London! I think she LOVES my thrift store finds as much as I do! Especially my vintage rotary phone!

Oh, and my night lights were featured over at Lil Bit Of Us! Today has been a wonderful day! I hope yours has been too! What have you found thrifty lately?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

She Made My Night!

That's right! Michelle over at Someday Crafts featured my night lights! I'm honored! Thanks Michelle! You're the coolest EVER!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dolls In Her Hair

Look what I made using this tutorial!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Room By Room: Coolest Night Lights EVER!

When my kids go to bed at night, I have to leave a light on…well, two lights actually. For London, I have to leave her closet light on. Taevyn, I have to leave the bathroom light on because he doesn't have a light in his closet. I loathe the fact that all of this electricity is being wasted. I know I could've bought night lights for them, but whenever I go to the store, I just always seem to forget.

Then I bought a book called "The Big A$$ Book of Crafts" by
Mark Montano. Mark, who is part of the design team for TLC's While You Were Out, has a genius idea for the coolest night lights EVER! So I decided to make some. Check it out!

Frames by day...

Lights by night!!!

Aren't these just the best? I told you it was genius! You can make it to fit your home's style. Since Taevyn wants to do his room in Army décor, I had the perfect picture from when he was about 18 months old. Every time we went to my sister's house, he'd take off with my nephew's army hat and sport it the whole time. This picture is perfect. We're doing a Hollywood theme room for London and before we moved, I got a picture of her in her brother's shirt (which could pass for a dress on her), her hat, and my heels she just LOVES wearing! Perfect for this project!

This project only cost me around $6 each to make. Gotta love the price! I {heart} the dollar store! Here's how to make one for yourself, your kids, or as a gift!

About 50 Wooden clothespins (for 6x8 frame)
2 identical, flat wooden frames with square edges
Spray paint
Wood glue
Extension cord
Night light
Masking tape
Color-copied image to fit your frame
Craft knife

Remove the metal springs from the clothespins. Paint the frames and clothespins. I only painted the front and sides of the frames. Then I painted all sides of the clothespins.

When the paint dries, frame your picture. I printed mine on plain printer paper that way the light illuminates better. You'll need to take out the back cardboard of the frame so that it is only the picture and the glass.

Take the glass out of the frame that will be the back of your light box. You won't need it anymore.

Stand your frames up on their sides one in front of the other, with the fronts of the frames facing the same direction.
Mark suggests: Prop the frames up with books or whatever it takes to keep them parallel to each other. I used a few thick books stacked.

To create the sides of the light box, put a layer of glue along the top edges of the frames. Place your clothespins facedown, across the frames and next to each other to make the first side of your box.

Let the glue dry, and repeat this process on each side of your frames until you have a box.

While the glue is drying, take your craft knife, cut out a 1/2" x 1/2" hole at the bottom of one of the cardboard pieces that came with the frames. This hole is for the extension cord to go through.

Fit the night light into the hole you've made, with the plugs coming out of the back of the cardboard. Secure the light with tape, then plug it into the extension cord. (You should have the night light on one side of the cardboard and the plug on the other.)

Replace the cardboard onto the back frame, with the extension cord coming out of the 1/2" x 1/2" hole.
Mark Warns (and so do I): Even though the night light is a low wattage, make sure that the bulb is not touching the cardboard and that the bulb is separated from the cardboard by the plastic shade. I also cut part of the cardboard where the bulb is just to be on the safe side. If you'd like to see, let me know and I'll take a picture of the back to show you what I did.

You're done! Now you have a wonderful piece of décor that is also functional!

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Monday, July 19, 2010

In The Kitchen: Brat Wraps

Hi All! I hope you had a good weekend! I know I did. You see, we bought a grill at Walmart for $35. It's a little charcoal grill, but I absolutely love it! Do you know the Kraft Food & Family magazines? I signed up for them a few years ago because you could get a 2 year subscription for free. I didn't continue after that expired because I really didn't really make any of the recipes although, there were a lot that I wanted to try. Although the subscription isn't available for free anymore, I'm still thinking of renewing it.

Anyway, they have a recipe in the Summer '09 edition that I HAD to try. It is the Brat Wraps recipe on page 23 in case you have this one.

It's funny because I've grilled before, but Jeff never did. Which is quite wierd, I think. I've only grilled the usual hamburgers and hot dogs though. Nothing fancy, but they were still yummy. I even was the cook at a work function, believe it or not. To this day, I still can't. I wish somebody would've taken a picture, because then I'd have proof, but that was ages ago. So, please understand that I had to take a picture of My Love grilling for the first time. EVER! I'm just glad he didn't burn our house down!

And now for the yummy part! Here is the picture of our finished wrap. Don't these look good?

Although these were good, there will be a few changes that we'll make next time. Would you like the recipe anyway? I thought you did. They are so easy and simple to make.

  • 1 large onion, thinly sliced
  • 1 T olive oil
  • 2 bottles (12 oz, each) beer
  • 4 fully cooked bratwurst
  • 1 T A.1. Original Steak Sauce
  • 4 flour tortillas ((8 inch), warmed (we used the fajita size ones, it's all we had, still worked)
  • 4 Kraft Singles (we used cheddar)

Heat grill to medium heat. Cook and stir onions in hot oil in large nonstick skillet on medium-high heat 5 min. or until onions are golden brown; cover. Simmer on low heat 10 min.

Meanwhile, bring beer to boil in medium saucepan. Add bratwurst; cook 5 min. Drain bratwurst. Grill 4-5 min. or until heated through and browned, turning occasionally.

Stir steak sauce into onions. Top tortillas with Singles, onions and bratwurst; roll up.

Like I said, these were really good. A few changes that will be made next time:

  • I will use regular Budweiser, NOT Bud Light (apparently a light beer doesn't do it)
  • Instead of bratwurst, we're using polish dogs (I guess we'll have to call them Polish Wraps?)
  • I will watch the beer because it will boil over. Fast.

Overall, I give this an 8.5 out of 10. I will definitely make it again. If you try this, let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Repair

Is it crazy to be excited about doing a repair on your new house? I don't know about you, but I am! I know, but maybe I am a teensy weensy crazy! But let's face it, it's only a minor repair. One day I was sitting on the back porch when London comes up to me and hands me a piece of metal. Hmm...what's this? It turns out it was the latch to our gate. It was something I guess I never really noticed.

You see? The latch is gone! How did I not notice before? I guess with all of the excitement I had going on with moving, it never occured to me this gate had a latch. (Do you see Taevyn in the door? I think he secretly likes having his picture taken!)

And here's the missing latch London found in the bush. My kids can find the strangest things sometimes, but we'll save that for another post...maybe! LOL!

Here's my love actually attaching the latch. He asked "are you really taking pictures of this?" Well, duh! I have to scrapbook our first repair! Little did he know I was actually going to blog about it! Bwa-ha-ha-haaa!!!

All better?

"All better!" London says!

Have a good rest of the weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why Haven't I Been Around Lately?

Because my new craft room went from this:

to this:

In a matter of minutes! Okay, maybe not minutes, but still! I promised My Love that I would work on getting everything unpacked in the other rooms BEFORE I started my craft room. That's only because if I work on this room, I won't get anything else done! *Sigh* How I wish there were more time in the day to get EVERYTHING done! Or better yet, I could hire Mary Poppins to have this whole place self-clean and organize itself in a matter of minutes with her catchy tune of "A Spoon Full Of Sugar"! Yeah, that would be cool!

I've been able to read some blogs (on my "breaks") and I've seen so many ideas that I really would LOVE to incorporate into my new home! But until I get my room all done, everthing is put on hold. Anyway, I hope you had a good day and I'll see you soon!