Friday, June 18, 2010

House For Sale: Our Awesome Realtor

If you're planning on moving to the Austin-San Marcos area, and you need to find a realtor, I HIGHLY recommend Ernie Hatton! Although I have no one to compare him to, I wanted to let you know how amazing he is.

When we first met him, we asked him all sorts of questions, but my main concern was how available he was. So I asked him how long it took for him to get back to us if we had to leave a message. His answer: Within the hour. The best answer ever! And it's true, whenever we called he got back to us right away. Only once did I call and it took longer than an hour. How much longer? 2 minutes! That's right folks, he's always available when you need him.

Also, when we first met him, he came to us. Jeff was unable to leave work, so he came to Jeff's job. How cool is that? Did I mention he also "babysits"? When we looked at new construction houses, he sat outside with my kids so that I could actually hear the consultant talk and not have to have one eye on the kids too.

When we bought our house, he brought the price down to 5% lower than the asking price. With the norm being about 3-4%, I'd say that was pretty good. He even got us a good deal with our mortgage officer too! Didn't I tell you he's awesome?

He is always on the top of the best sellers list for the Austin area and he has great stats. Why? Because he knows what he's doing and he works with his customers! He is an amazing man and I, again, highly recommend him.

So, if you are looking at buying houses in the Austin-San Marcos area, give Ernie a call! Tell him Jeff and Adrienne sent you! He won't let you down. I promise! Oh, and he'll sell your house too!

Thanks Ernie! You're the best!

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