Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In The News: Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes!

As you've noticed, I changed my blog. I wanted a 3-column for awhile now, but unfortunately, the other template wasn't available as a 3-column. Although I liked the other one better, I still think this one is so cool. I really like the retro feel of it. Now I just need to figure out how to make a button!

Exciting news! We're FINALLY moving into our new house tomorrow! I'm so ecstatic! But with good news, there's always bad news. I'll be away for a few weeks. You see, we haven't ordered any internet and since we're in a new town, we don't know what's available. Yeah, yeah, we should've looked into it sooner, but with all the hustle and bustle, it just didn't come to mind. What the heck was I thinking? I know, I've heard it before. But hopefully when we get over there, we'll find something soon so I can get back to blogging!

Until then, I hope you have a safe and wonderful fourth! I'll see you soon!!! And please, don't forget to keep on smiling!

(My new craft room!)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sometimes It's As Simple As Being Black & White

I LOVE Black & White photos! Sometimes, it just speaks to a person without all of the color being so distracting. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE color, but for some reason, when it comes to pictures, black and white sometimes just seems the way to go. So, please enjoy the pictures I worked on between packing and moving!

And in case you're wondering, we'll be officially moved in our new house on the July 1st! (Only because that's when the electric will be turned on over there!)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to all those awesome daddy's out there!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

House For Sale: Our Awesome Realtor

If you're planning on moving to the Austin-San Marcos area, and you need to find a realtor, I HIGHLY recommend Ernie Hatton! Although I have no one to compare him to, I wanted to let you know how amazing he is.

When we first met him, we asked him all sorts of questions, but my main concern was how available he was. So I asked him how long it took for him to get back to us if we had to leave a message. His answer: Within the hour. The best answer ever! And it's true, whenever we called he got back to us right away. Only once did I call and it took longer than an hour. How much longer? 2 minutes! That's right folks, he's always available when you need him.

Also, when we first met him, he came to us. Jeff was unable to leave work, so he came to Jeff's job. How cool is that? Did I mention he also "babysits"? When we looked at new construction houses, he sat outside with my kids so that I could actually hear the consultant talk and not have to have one eye on the kids too.

When we bought our house, he brought the price down to 5% lower than the asking price. With the norm being about 3-4%, I'd say that was pretty good. He even got us a good deal with our mortgage officer too! Didn't I tell you he's awesome?

He is always on the top of the best sellers list for the Austin area and he has great stats. Why? Because he knows what he's doing and he works with his customers! He is an amazing man and I, again, highly recommend him.

So, if you are looking at buying houses in the Austin-San Marcos area, give Ernie a call! Tell him Jeff and Adrienne sent you! He won't let you down. I promise! Oh, and he'll sell your house too!

Thanks Ernie! You're the best!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Love Her Enchiladas!

I've said it once and I'll say it again, I'm not a huge fan of being in the kitchen. However, last night I, for the first time ever, attempted to make my mama's famous enchiladas. I'm so excited because they came out so good and most importantly, I didn't burn my fingers. I never knew a cup of ice water could be so amazing! Just sayin'!

Monday, June 14, 2010

House For Sale: What I've Been Doing

This is what I've been doing for the past week and a half:

And this isn't even half of the stuff I got!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We're going to close on the 23rd of this month!!! I'm so excited! I better get to packing! Well...the rest of this place!

Friday, June 4, 2010

House For Sale: Backyard Inspiration

Hello Everybody! I hope you all had a good week so far! No new news about the house yet. I so wish though. I'm thinking this process is taking a little longer than normal though. It just seems like we should have a closing date set by now. But then again, I may be wrong. I've never bought a house before.

Anyway, as I look at the online pics of the house, I've been starting to look at some decor ideas. I want to start fresh. There's not much color in my place we're at now, and if you know me, I LOVE color. I'm so thrilled that I can actually paint my walls in colors and not have these boring ol' white walls. But, before I start thinking about the inside, I wanted to start thinking about the outside yard. Cause, well, hey, it's summer (almost) and everything outside is so pretty right now.

This is the picture of our soon-to-be backyard. Isn't it just gorgeous? I love how it has the railing (is that what it's called?) and I absolutely LOVE the lattice! How great is that! The best part about this back porch is...ready for this? It has a ceiling fan!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I wonder if the owners will let me keep the puppy! LOL! Just kidding!

As I was browsing around (mostly through I found this picture:

I LOVE how light and airy it is. I was daydreaming about having family and friends over sitting on this wonderful set. Then, I heard my kids screaming "Mommy!!!" That snapped me back into reality real quick! My dream went from this beautiful white wicker to dirty brown wicker.

So, I moved on. I was at the grocery store one day and happened to walk by this magazine:

I stopped dead in my tracks and saw the beautiful vibrant colors! Yep, this is definitely a little more kid friendly. So, I added the magazine to my grocery cart. Now I have my color inspiration for my deck!
So I got back online just to see some other ideas and found this:

Don't you just love the swing? So do I, but I don't want it. But I love the yellow flowery fabric and how the green just compliments these colors so well. Oh yeah, I'm drooling! HA!

And of course, I'd need a focal point! How cool is this poster! Although the colors don't match, I'm thinking I could make this on canvas, but instead of a blond, how about a black haired, dark skinned girl with a yellow background with green polka dots and red writing? Can you see it now? Perfect! I know!

I know I said I didn't want the swing, but how about a hanging bed? Isn't this just neat? And, they have a celing fan too! I can just see the kids playing on it. Pretending to be pirates sailing the oceans while plundering the other ships! This is a definite maybe!

I also would LOVE to have an outdoor kitchen! Since Texas has warmer weather than up north, I'm thinking this could be a good investment. Although, my space isn't this big, I think I can accomodate it to my size. Whatcha think? I'm just thrilled I can actually grill on my own property!

And how neat is this? It's called an Australian Jarrah. As much as I love wood, I need color. Can you see it? Can you see each stool painted different colors and maybe some cushions? And the counter painted a totally contrasted color? ..................................................Sorry, I was daydreaming again!

I don't know if I'll get my kitchen or not, but just in case, you should always have a backup plan. This is mine! I got it out of the magazine from above! It even gives instructions on how it was built! AWESOME!!! I'm not to thrilled on the black, but we all know that's what fabric stores are for, right?

Can you see this little cottage between the two trees in my backyard? How freakin' adoooorrraaabllleee is this! (To get the true feel of this, say "adoooorrraaabllleee" in a squeaky voice!) This would so be the playhouse! But not for the kids. For me! Can't you just see me peering out the window as I take a break making a craft? I know I can!

And right outside the cottage, can't you just see these beautiful chairs? I just LOVE the colors! How fun would it be to come hang out and sit in these! I wonder if the gal from
Knock Off Wood has plans for this? Hmm...maybe I'll ask!

What about the kids you ask? How about this cute little bistro-style table set! Granted, I'm thinking this is for adults, but I bet I could make a mini version. I mean, how hard can it be, right? Of course by the time I get it perfect the kids may be adults by then. HAHA!

However, if I do make it or better yet, find one for kids, how cool would these colors be? Awesome, eh?

And of course, we can't forget a little garden. How cute is this fence post? I, again, adore the colors!

And of course, we can't have a garden without a garden shed to store supplies in, right? How cool is this? It's made from an armoire! That's right! Can you believe that? I absolutely LOVE this!

Well, folks! I'm FINALLY done! That is my inspiration for my backyard! I've never had a backyard before, and I'm so looking forward to getting one! I never new decorating for the outside would be so much fun!

All pictures are from Well, except for the two out of the magazine!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In The News: I Love Awards!!!

I really do love Awards! And I'm so honored to receive this one from The Scrappy Jedi! Isn't she just awesome? Here's the scoop though. She gave me this award way back on May 8th and I didn't see it until yesterday. I know, I'm a bad blogger! So, I really have to apologize for the "Thanks" coming so late. But I do thank her from the bottom of my heart! I'm so glad she really likes my blog.

Here are the 10 random things that make me happy:

  1. Chocolate
  2. My Kids and Their Smiles
  3. My Sweet Love, Jeff
  4. Spring
  5. Spontaneity
  6. Memories
  7. Goodwill & Garage Sales
  8. Vacations
  9. Spud Ranch
  10. And last, but certainly NOT least, YOU! That's right, my fellow bloggy readers! This blog wouldn't be possible without you!

And now, the 5 winners of this award I'm passing this onto are (and these are in no means by any particular order):

  1. too Blessed to Stress - She is the BEST Happy Dancer I know!
  2. Be Different...Act Normal - She finds the best stuff in Bloggyland
  3. Dharma Waits - She makes some great jewelry and mixed media art. But most of all, she really deserves this award because she recently quit smoking! How awesome is that?
  4. Rockin' Deals - She finds the greatest deals and lets you know what sites are offering free samples! Love it! (I won her first giveaway too! Very nice!)
  5. Knock Off Wood - I just love her plans! One day I'll have to invest in the equipment to give these projects a whirl! Just hope I don't cut a finger off!

Have a great day my dear friends!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life In Six Years

Hello Friends! I can't believe it's already June! Where has the time gone? Well, I took my mommy home on Sunday and I already miss her so much. We had so much fun while she was here. I still can't believe I got to spend a whole month with her. Alone. Even when I lived back home, I didn't get to see her quite as often. You know, cause of the little thing we call life.

While she was here, we packed a lot of my stuff. Unfortunately, we packed a lot of my craft things, because, well, I had to face it. A majority of my stuff is craft related. But, never fear! I do have some things in the works. Like trying some new recipes that I would like to share with you. Although, I know how to cook, I do not like being in the kitchen. Why God gave me this talent, I still do not know to this day! HA!

It's amazing the things a person finds while they are packing! I was going through some pictures and reminiscing about how my life has changed since I had Taevyn. Even my looks. Here I am at the age of 25. Mom said I look 12. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I will take that as a compliment. Uh...or should I?

Here we are again, six years later. I'm not looking 12. I'm tired. Have some nasty bags under my eyes. I don't even know that I look 31. Older? Hopefully not! And why, for pete's sake, am I not wearing any makeup? Oh yeah, this photo shoot was just supposed to be my mama and my kids. Mom stole the camera. Shoulda seen that coming!

I'd post a picture of my mom, but she'd probably kill me. You see, she's trying to get herself healthier because she's suffering from Pulminary Fibrosis. Just don't tell her I told you. She's quite shy about it. (And mom, if you are reading this, "I Love You!" Hee! Hee!)

So much has happened within this last six years. But no matter what, I LOVE my life! I'm making the most of it and you should too. It's way to short for anything else. Just sayin'!