Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Finally Found My Niche

Hello My Peeps! Remember when I won the giveaway from Cathy Filian? Well I finally finished her book "101 Snappy Fashions"!

When I first received the book, I only had time to flip through it. As I was scanning it, I saw about 20 projects I wanted to try. Then, I finally got a chance to sit down and read the entire thing. Now I want to do them all! Each chapter has a theme such as Dying, Painting, Applique, among other techniques and an extra chapter on how to throw a "Snappy Baby Shower". At the beginning of each chapter, she has breif explanations on what works, what tools are best, and other kinds of tips for the process of that chapter, including Q&A. The projects themselves are so easy and simple, that it just doesn't seem possible that they'd be so adorable, but Cathy had outdone herself with these super simple techniques to make the most stylish of onesies for babies. But what I like best of the entire book, is that you can apply all of these tips to more than just the onesies!

So, with saying that, I found my niche! To be honest, I should say I refound my niche. You see, before I had my kids, I was way into fashion. I had originally found it when I was introduced to the wonderful movie "Designing Woman" with Gregory Peck and Lauren Bacall.

Lauren Bacall plays this fashion designer who changed her attire at least three times a day. She had an outfit for every occasion. I wanted to be just like her! And so, I studied every kind of current fashion I could just so I could look good. I religiously bought In Style magazines every month. I read different magazines, periodicals, books. I remember reading in a book on beauty that "a person should always look as if they were about to get their picture taken". I just don't remember who said it. I lived by that philosophy. Until I had my son. Then I had to make some major budget cuts. Back then, I didn't realize that a person could still look so good on a limited budget. Don't get me wrong, I have decent clothes, wear makeup, and fix my hair. But, I never thought of refashioning my clothes to make me still look stylish!

After having Taevyn, cute little boys clothing was so limited. We couldn't afford the more expensive cuter clothes, which I didn't want to anyway. Kids grow so fast and get dirty so easily, that to me the money was just not worth it. I wanted to design boys clothes then. Now I wish I had. But, since I had my daughter, London, and we're down to one income, it's almost a necessity to make her clothes. And I'm so excited to start this new venture! Maybe one day, I too, will open an Etsy shop! But for now, I'll settle on experimenting with my kids on making or repurposing thier own clothes. Wish me luck!


  1. Always? Really??? Uh-oh! I'm afraid I almost never look like I'm about to get my picture taken...even when I'm about to have my pic taken! LOL) I'm going to have to search for the movie now (I'm a total Project Runway geek!) I'm visiting from Trendy Treehouse. Adorable clutch you presented!

    jeanette from

  2. Thought I would stop by and say Hi.
    Congradulations on you being a guest blogger at Trendy Treehouse. Your clutch is very cute and you did a great job with the pictures in your tutorial. Nice job.
    Hope you come by and see my new blog: Let me know what you think.