Friday, February 5, 2010

When You Need It Most...

…it's never where you can find it! I'm actually talking about my memory card. I'm so bummed that I lost it. I wanted to take pictures of a neat project I did and of course, when I uploaded some pictures, I didn't put it away. Now it's MIA. I'm so sad!

So for now, I found a picture of this barrette holder I made awhile ago. I know, I know, I keep posting my girly projects. I can't help it! Girls are so fun! Well…boys are too, but they are a different kind of fun! In reality (which I do NOT live in most of the time!), they are just harder to make things for that will please them. (I seriously hope that just made sense.)

(Get back on track Adrienne!) Anyway, I love this thing, however, I think it's missing something. I may put a flower (or two..or three) on the frame to Kitschy it up a bit. This was so easy to make. I bought the frame at a dollar store (which was already black), took out the glass, added ribbon to some black cardstock cut to size, adhered the cardstock to the back, and viola! Instant barrette holder! Now to get the glue gun to add those flowers! Ooh, and maybe a ladybug!

Have a good weekend Everybody!!!


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