Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nifty Thrifty - Vintage Rotary Phone

I LOVED going to garage sales with my Grandma. I also LOVED going to thrift stores with my aunt. When we moved to Texas 4 1/2 years ago, it all kind of came to a complete stop. I only say that because I have no sense of direction. If I went, it had to be with Jeff. I don't know about you, but taking the love of your life is not always the best idea. I love him so much, that I decided not to put him through that torture. Also, when I first moved to this small town, they didn't really have any thrift stores and I was NOT about to drive myself to one of the surrounding towns. Especially Austin or San Antonio. Yeah, not a good idea. I STILL get lost in my hometown in Nebraska that I spent my first twenty-seven years of life. HA! Don't laugh. Okay, don't laugh to hard. (Sorry, I'm rambling!) When they FINALLY built a Goodwill here, I was beyond ecstatic. Finally, a store where I can reconnect.

One day I was browsing along with my daughter, London, when I came upon a vintage find that I have been looking for. Something I've been wanting since my mother got me started on watching Gregory Peck movies. A vintage rotarty phone! The price tag said $10. I thought "Eh, what the heck? If it doesn't work, at least it will be a nice decorative element in my craft room. I brought it home (with a few other things), and plugged it in. Lo and behold! It worked! I was so excited I called my sister and told her to call me back so that I can hear it ring. Man, was I in heaven! What can be better than this? Well let me tell ya! I was going through my receipts and I was only charged $8 for it! $2 less, and when you're living in a thrifty world, $2 is a lot of money. Do you know what I can buy with two bucks? Ah yeah! Rapture!


  1. Oh what a great find, that's gorgeous! My husband goes thrifting with me but he immediately finds a comfy chair and pulls out his iphone. It's nice for me becuase I can set my finds with him and he'll guard them while I shop. =)

  2. When I was younger I loved thrifting with my grandmother as well. For several years now she is bed ridden so sad, it breaks my heart. I love the phone, I bet the ring is so awesome, enjoy it, especially in your craft room. I am so thrilled you love my blog. Thank you so much!

  3. I am seriously jealous! I love it! EEEK, I'm excited for you. What a perfect, and unique find! I can't wait for Summer so that I can garage sale. I am the garage sale QUEEN! Congrats on the Fab find!

    BTW, thanks for the birthday shout out, too sweet of you!

  4. Vintage? We used phones like this my entire childhood. Am I vintage??? Yikes.

  5. Rachel- I'm so jealous! Jeff is the rushy-rush type. Sometimes it can be very irritation! LOL!

    JenGlamGirl- I'm so sorry to hear that about your grandmother. Maybe it's something you'll be able to pass on to your kid's (who are very beautiful by the way)!

    Hanna- I may be coming to you for advice on how to be a better garage saler! LOL! Yeah, I saw you and your sis' DC (or is it CD?...wait, that doesn't look right) blog! LOL!

    Tracy- HA! I'm vintage too! I guess it's things that are 20 years or older, which would make your daughters vintage too!

  6. Vintage stuff are just still very cool to have.