Monday, February 22, 2010

My Life...In An Album

Do you know those amazing word albums from Bo Bunny? The "LOVE", "BELIEVE", "FAMILY", etc? One day I got to thinking (which I try not to so I don't hurt myself to bad) about making some of my own with my kids' names. This is how they turned out:

This one is Taevyn's. It's so boyishly cute, isn't it?

Here is the front of the album which is a "T". I used the masking technique for his name.
This is one of my favorite effects.

Here is the "A" in his name. I used a rubon to put on his picture.
He is my special boy!

And the "E". In order to focus in on him, I put a chipboard circle around him.
Really, I have no idea what was so interesting to him!

And the "V". This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of him. My friend Jo took most of the pictures. She is so talented! I love that I had an arrow sticker that said "those Eyes". Perfect!
Tip: On the part of the sticker that hangs off the page, I dusted a little baby powder to deactivate the stickiness.

The "Y". Unfortunately, one of the stars fell off and I just noticed it. I do need to put on another one. Again, here I used another chipboard circle to focus on him. It also gives you the sense of "looking through the lens". Since this page doesn't coordinate with the other papers, I also used the circle to tie in with the other page with the circle. I still think it turned out well.

Here is the "N". Another friend took this picture and it is another one of my favorites. No special techniques here, except that I used the arrow to cover up a lot of the red background (which seems to be blending in with the background of the actual picture, which in turn looks like a hole in it. Hmm..interesting!).

On the back, I wrote a note to Taevyn. I want them to take these with them when they are off to college.
Journaling Says: To My Dear Sweet Taevyn, I am so proud of you. You are a very smart boy. I know that as you grow, you will become much more than I could ever imagine. You are such a wonderful little boy. You make me happy with your smile. ~Love Mommy~

Here is London's. I love how girly hers turned out!

Here is the "L". Again, I used the masking effect. I like how I used an ink that was a smidge darker than the actual paper.

Here is the first "O". Again, I used a rubon. This was a funny story. I had minor surgery after I had her (nothing serious, I promise). I was so doped up on morophine, that when the guy came in to take her picture at the hospital, I didn't even think about putting the cute outfit I had for her. And, I didn't even realize that she had the hospital hat on. So, I used the rubon to cover up the ugly hospital logo on her shirt (which I still have in her memory box!).

Here is the first "N". I used a vellum piece to frame her picture. The sticker with the bible verse I had forever. I'm so glad I found it, because it goes perfect with this album. Not only the verse itself, but the font used on the sticker. I love how these things can just come together when you have great ephemera.

Here is the "D". The snail sticker I got about 5 years ago from the Dollar Tree. Sometimes you can find great things there. My friend, Sarah, took this picture and the next one. I'm so glad I have such talented friends.

Here is the second "O". I love the crown sticker I used to put on her head. Although, the little star is about to fall off since it's so small. I'm still trying to figure out a way to keep it from tearing. I used a stencil and a rubon to put on the tag. I wish I had used a gold color marker to make the symbol, but you live and you learn, I guess. She's my little princess!

Here is the second "N". I, again, used a sticker to cover up some of the black on the picture. I inked the flowers to tone them down. They were a little to bright and the ink worked perfect. I used DCWV's Once Upon A Time paper to create this entire album. They had the perfect piece of paper with the neat fairy on it. I really loved this paper!

Here is the back page with London's note. I love how I used a picture of London and me (and Taevyn and me on his). After printing these at home, instead of cutting the entire picture out, I left some white space to write my journaling.
Journaling Says: To My Dear Sweet London, I am so glad you are a big part of my life. You make me so happy with your big beautiful smile. I know you'll grow up to be such a wonderful person. Just know that you will ALWAYS be my baby girl! ~Love Mommy~

It took me three whole days to complete these. The only time I stopped working on them was to make breakfast, lunch, supper, and when I went to bed. And of course, if the kiddos needed me for anything. It probably would've taken me a month to complete if I only worked on them a little at a time. I am so glad I took the time I did to complete these, but I will probably never spend so much time on another project again. The only reason I did this, was because it was so personal, and I really wanted to make these for them!

Have a wonderul day Friends!


  1. all are so very cute and sweet. Very good job! I want to make some of those chipboard books! ;)

  2. Oh, my! I so want to use this idea! So wonderful.